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The SSL & its custom built console have a new home in Spokane, WA
at Amplified Wax. Click here to see the equipment in its new home.

In December 2017, a ruptured pipe on top floor flooded out the house which was home to Heavenly Tracks LLC recording studio.
The equipment survived  — thanks to soundproofing materials between walls and floors that absorbed the cascading water.  
But from top to bottom, the interior needed to be torn to studs and rebuilt.  After a lot of dark clouds, there’s a rainbow.

AND ...

The ground floor space of the now rebuilt house has given way to a family room,
bedroom and deluxe bathroom to enhance the enjoyment of vacation renters. 

Click on a photo to see it larger.

More information
about rentng this
Tahoe Ski Cabin and more photos

Thanks to the Tahoe bands and musicians who patronized the “destination studio”
that was a dream come true for this audio guy. ~ Alex 

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