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A “package deal” of $54,000 o/b/o is offering the following:

  1. SSL AWS 900 series
  2. Custom-built cherrywood desk - designed/built by Nashville’s Sound Construction&Supply with patchbay (carefully designed and wired up by HT’s owner and a team from San Francisco)
  3. Apple tower computer for which the climate controlled ISObox of the SC&S desk was designed
  4. ProTools software which needs only one update to be fully current
  5. Twin monitors

Buyer must arrange for pickup of the “total package” from ERS in Portland, Oregon where it is being stored in a facility especially-equipped for TLC handling and storage. The following is information from a recent recertification of the equipment as manufacturer warrantable. Inspection and testing was undertaken at ERS by SSL’s Los Angeles-based technical representative for the West Coast.

More details on the Heavenly Tracks AWS900+ Healthcheck (7/2018)

Please TEXT ONLY to 775-720-2338.

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